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Huang's Green Country was found in 1980, conceived in the belief of promoting and ensuring quality construction in water and soil conservation and landscape vegetation in an island country, Taiwan. As this island has become overdeveloped, devastating casualties and drastic changes in geographic landscape are often reported when there is a natural disaster. To perpetuate our belief and to safeguard the lives and properties of the people here, our company has introduced modern methods and technologies from overseas. Moreover, we have set up the R&D division in 1990 to appropriate significant fund annually for developing new technologies and products in the field of water and soil conservation. Due to our consistent efforts, we have obtained several patents here and abroad. We sincerely hope that our devotion will contribute to the recovery of our environment.


In 1985, we launched into the market of indoor and outdoor display construction and completed the first native designed ecology museum - "The Education Center" of Taipei Zoo; As we believe quality comes first, our people are very meticulous in process control. The projects for which we have been highly credited include "World of Tomorrow" of Taipei Municipal Children Communication Museum;  "Tropical Rain Forests" and "Polar Animals" of Taipei Zoo;  The Fins Sealife Taipei Aquarium; "The Lost Paradise of Dinosaurs" of Liu-Fu Village Theme Park and  Dinosaurs Park, Fukui, Japan. In 2000, KCMI, an American company, registered our project - National Marine Biology Museum and Aquarium - in the annual contest of display construction in U.S.A. and we were awarded "Outstanding Construction of the Year". Our professionalism is further affirmed in the international arena of landscape design and display construction.

For the past two decades, Huang's Green Country has provided best skill and services for our customers. In the field of water and soil conservation and landscape vegetation, we keep on researching different methods to prevent damages caused by environmental changes and natural disasters. From now on, we will constantly devote ourselves to create a better and safer environment for humankind.


In the field of exhibition design and construction, we have invented new materials and method for different projects to insure that all of them are unique and outstanding. We are also very conscious of whether our works have the positive impact in our society. We hope that our works are not only beautiful, but also meaningful and educational, so people can learn useful knowledge through these environments. In the future, we will complete more international projects and  we hope that one day, our works can be seen in many different countries.  

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