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ArborShrubHerbaceousTendril VineGround Cover / Algae

For the production of artificial plants, we provide professional planning, design and construction according to our customers' requirements.  Form general indoor exhibit plants to giant trees and rain forest plants, which can be used not only in ecological exhibit but also open space gardening, zoo, museum and quality places. Our products include:

Number English Name Scientific Name
O-001 Pinus morrisonicola
O-002 Green Maple  Acer serrulatum
O-003 Taiwan Acacia Acacia confusa
O-004 Large-leaved Machilus Kusanoi
O-005 Rhizophora mucronata
O-006  Debregeasia orientalis
O-007 Rhus semialata
O-008 Macaranga Macaranga tanarius
O-009 Pouzulzia elegans
O-010 Ulmus uyematsui
O-011 Taiwan Diplofatsia Fatsia polycarpa
O-012 Lumnitzera racemosa
O-501 Queensland Umbrella Tree  
O-502 Malabar Chestnut Ficus lyrata warb.
O-503 Osmanthus  
O-504 Malabar Chestnut Pachira macrocarpa Walp. 
O-505 Coffee Tree Coffea Arabica
O-506 Areca Palm Areca catechu
O-507 Alexander Palm Archontophoenix alexandrae
O-508 Coconut Tree Cocos nucifera
O-509 Fig Ficus sp.
O-510 Yellow Areca Palm Chrysalidocarpus lutescens Wendl
O-511 Rubber Plant Ficus elastica Roxb

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